Birthday Parties & Private Parties

Skateland parties are super fun and easy!  

Schools, church groups, youth groups, businesses, and more have a wonderful time during their own private parties! …Or, join us on a night with a group rate!  

“Birthday Party Special” During a Regular Session:  It’s a roller skating party where friends and family gather to skate, take a short break to serve cake and open presents, and then go back to skating.

  • Choose the regular skating session you’d like.
  • Make a reservation. Follow the link below or call ahead to request a reservation.  (We can be super busy at times, so please reserve ahead.)
  • $3.50 over session price with a minimum fee of 10 persons. (Example: Saturday, 11 am -4 p.m. is $100 minimum fee which provides skating for the session with rental skates and treats/reservation for up to 10 guests.)
  • Includes skating for the whole session, regular rental skates, use of the birthday room (table for larger groups) for 1/2 hour to serve treats and open presents.
  • A small fountain drink and ice cream for each, served on a colorful placemat and dessert plates provided (unless you prefer your own theme plates).
  • Optionally, add pizza, hot dog or other snack bar item to your party for an additional fee.
  • We also have free party invitations we are happy to provide at your request.
  • Your part is simple:  Bring the cake, the kids, and the cash!
  • Call (208)734-5455 for reservations or complete the form below.   It is super helpful for us if you complete the form below.  Then we have all the info if you call.  

Private Parties:  

You may reserve a time for a skating party with only your group to be at the rink.  Parties can be reserved during most times we are not already open.
We would love to help you with your party.  Please complete as much information as possible on the form below or give us a phone call.   It is super helpful for us if you complete the form below.  Then we have all the info if you call.  (208)734-5455. 
Ready to reserve a party?  Great! 
Please complete this form or give us a phone call. 
Parties during regular session: Select a 1/2-hr time that you would like the guests to take a break from skating and sit to have treats. We will target that time for you, if available, as we complete your reservation. Private Parties: This is the time we open the doors for your group. Please, let us know if you need set-up time. Often, we have multiple events and need the time before and after your event to hustle up and get our chores done to be ready for everyone. 🙂
This is the address we use to mail annual birthday cards as a gift to our Birthday Club members!
Pepsi, Diet Pr Pepper, Root Beer, Sierra Mist, Orange Crush, Mtn. Dew, Dr. Pepper, Lemonade, Sunny D. (Ok to enter "NA" if this is not a birthday party.)
OK to Enter "NA" if this is not a birthday party reservation.
We absolutely love having your party with us. Tips are never required, but thrillingly accepted. You may add a tip to the jar at the snack bar or to your tab as you pay at the front. 🙂


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