Birthday Club

Receive a card with free admission on your birthday month.  Sign up...


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Rink info for skating professionals and competitive skaters. 


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We support our military.  You may present your military ID for complimentary admission. 

-- Pat Parrott, Retired LTC

Merit Badges

We are pleased to assist Scouts to attain their roller skating merit badges.  Call us for details. 208-734-5455


Roller Skating Passes

Passes make great gifts!

We can make a gift certificate for any amount you would like. Just ask us!

We also have punch passes as below. 

Summer Discount passes:

Day Pass:  $35  Night Pass:  $45

Each pass allows 12 admissions to be used as you choose during the summer season of purchase.  If you use it up, you can buy another!

Rollerblade/Speed-skate Convenience Passes: $24 each for a 12-punch pass. 

Winter time passes:

Daytime: 10 regular admissions with traditional quad skate rental = $45.00 

Nighttime: 10 x regular admissions with traditional quad skate rental = $65.00 

Day/Night: 5 Daytime and 5 Nighttime regular admissions with traditional quad skate rental= $55.


Purchase passes at our ticket booth on site, contact us with the form below or call 208-734-5455.

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