Roller Skating Passes

Passes make great gifts!

We can make a gift certificate for any amount you would like. Just ask us!

We also have punch passes as below. 

Summer Discount passes: click here for a .pdf#mctmp

$40 “Day” passes good on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 1-4

and on Wed nights 7-9:30 pm (Regular admission, $4.50)


$60 “Eve” passes good any session,

but are meant for Fri/Sat nights 7-10:30 pm

(Regular admission, $6.50)


Use punches however you want till the pass is used up.  Buy more passes as you desire.  SALES END AUGUST 31.

Each pass allows 12 admissions to be used as you choose during the summer season of purchase.  If you use it up, you can buy another! 


This allows use during our summer sessions and one month of bonus time to use up all remaining punches.

Many folks like to pair a summer pass with a Rollerblade/Speed-skate Convenience Punch Card: $24 each for a 12-punch pass. 


Winter time passes:

Daytime: 10 regular admissions with traditional quad skate rental = $45.00 

Nighttime: 10 x regular admissions with traditional quad skate rental = $65.00 

Day/Night: 5 Daytime and 5 Nighttime regular admissions with traditional quad skate rental= $55.


Purchase passes at our ticket booth on site, contact us with the form below or call 208-734-5455.

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