We have the best selection of high quality Skates, Skateboards and Accessories.

  • Skates people have been purchased from us have been used and handed down for generations!
  • Our skates are made by proven companies who have been in the business for many, many years.
  • Quality skates are able to be repaired and maintained vs lower-quality discount skates.
  • We help you pick the right skate for the skater who will wear them.
  • We can provide economical skates that fit kids as they grow!
  • You can purchase roller skates, rollerblades (inline skates), skate parts, and skateboards other related items from our local rink.  If you need help selecting the right product, please feel free to come visit us during session time or give us a call. 
  • We have several suppliers of skates and parts depending upon your needs.  
  • Shop the catalog at RC Sports as an example or come in to see what we have in stock and let us know what you would like!
  • Here are more sites to look at available options:
    • www.suregrip.com
    • www.nationalskate.com
    • shopmidwestskate.com/Roller
    • http://seskate.com/wholesale-equipment/skates/
Call us at 208-734-5455, email us, or stop by.  

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