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Birthday parties are fun and easy!

This form is to help us gather pertinent information we need to book your party.  

We will check for reservation availability and respond to you to complete the reservation.


Thank you for being patient.  We retrieve messages once per day the old-fashioned way!  


Please read How Our Session Birthday Parties Work before making a reservation. Life can be hectic! This information will help you have a wonderful, easy party!

We're excited for your party!  We log and answer our messages every weekday--twice on Friday.  

If you are under a time crunch--ex:  Yikes! The birthday is tomorrow! -- or if you haven't heard back --please leave us a phone message at 208-734-5455 and come on in.  We will do our best and make it work for you!



By the way, we have Pepsi products for drinks, including some juice or no-sugar options we can tell you about. 

Using a mobile device or pad?  We apologize that the technology running our site has developed a glitch and won't let you submit a form. 

Please use your choice of:  Call us at 208-734-5455 or email us at to send your information to us.  We look forward to helping you!

...And, Yes.  We will address this situation ASAP.  Unfortunately, we must rebuild our entire web site to fix it. Oh Boy.  Hmmm, maybe we'd better to do that at a time that is not so disruptive to our customers.  But, soon!   

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