-Birthday Parties-- How Our Session Birthday Parties Work

Here is how they work:

 1.  Choose a regular session you want to have your party and reserve a 1/2 hour time for cake and ice cream. 

2.    Invite guests to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to when you plan to serve cake--your reservation time.  

Heaven forbid!  If you are late --LIFE Happens! :) , or need to wait for guests.  We will gladly do all we can to find a reservation time later in that session and fit you in.   We want EVERYONE happy! So, if you are not ready by 30 minutes prior to your party, OKAY! -- We will cancel your reservation and work on the next birthday reservation, then fit you in just as soon as it all works--if possible BEFORE the session ends.  

3.    At initial arrival:  Pay your Minimum Party Fee.

  • Confirm counts and pay the balance at least 30 minutes before your party reservation.
  • Your party admission allows guests to skate the entire session. 
  • Option:  Add food or other items to your birthday "tab".  We recommend having us serve these at a time other than your actual party time when you have cake and ice cream and open gifts.
    • Idea: Add a hot dog 
    • Idea: Add pizza (Deluxe 11", 17 oz, $7.50 ea.  Pepperoni or Cheese)
    • Or any other snack bar item. 

         Minimum Party Fee: Session price + $2 each for a minimum of 10 people. Cash only.  ATM on site.

4.  Guests check in at the front ticket counter as they arrive and tell us whose birthday party they are attending.  We prefer that the person in charge of the party do this but will accept the child’s word for this as they come in the door.   At this time we will:

  • collect gifts and store them,
  • hand the guest a ticket or tickets as appropriate for admission and/or rollerblades
  • keep track of guest fees due (admission-with-treats, treats only, admission only, additional rollerblade fee, etc.).

5.  Guests continue inside and present their ticket to the skate counter to get skates.

6.  Put coats, shoes, and personal items in coat/shoe/locker area. These are not allowed in birthday party or snack bar area-- Holy-Moly, it is just TOO busy there.  

    Idea!  Bringing the kids with you?  Bring a big bag and put all the kids shoes and stuff in it. Put in the car or 1-2 lockers and then bring back out when time to go.  

7.  Host leaves all party items at front counter:

  • Gifts, cake, napkins, decorations, goodie bags etc. are to be left at the front counter where we put them in a designated place for your party until it is time for use (unless you prefer to bring them inside at treat time).
  •  You bring:  Cake or cupcakes, birthday plates/napkins (if you want your own theme). (No other food, snack or drink items allowed.  You may purchase additional items from our snack bar.)
  • We supply: cake cutter, placemat, colored plate (if you want), white napkin (if you want), sm. drink in a clear cup with a lid and straw, meadow gold soft serve ice cream in a small white cup with spoon.
  • We have a storage rack, refrigerator and freezer for storing your items.
  • Please don’t bring confetti, piñatas, or loose balloons, as they are a skating hazard.
  • Goodie bags for the kids to take home: We will store these for you.  Please hand these out only as the kids are leaving the rink.  

8.  Confirm Count to Serve: At least 30 minutes prior to the party’s reserved time, come to the front counter and confirm count of guests and fees with us and pay any remaining balance so we can be organized and set up for your party efficiently.

 9.  After that, our birthday party coordinator will bring out all your items and set up the table with the number of guests with treats we have indicated for your party. You can put out any special plates, etc.  You take over from there. 

 10.  If you get in to the party room after set-up and need something more, feel free to come back to the front ticket counter and request it –or purchase and item directly from the snack bar, if you would like.

 11. Use the birthday area for up to 30 minutes.  Vacate that space after your time as a courtesy to those with other reservations and customers. 

We plan time before and after your party to clean up and set for the next party.  Heaven's to Betsy, Please....! help us keep on time by either using just your 30 minutes OR reserve and pay for 2 party times.

10.  When finished:  Tidy up your area, throw away trash, take remaining birthday presents and other items to your car or ask us to store them until you leave. 


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