Anita Parrott (adult in center) from Times News archive photoPat and Anita Parrott purchased and began operating the rink in 1956.  They originally purchased it from their friends, Paul and Betty Cloud, where it operated in downtown Twin Falls at the Radio Rendezvous building owned by Florence Gardner.  Skateland continued to operate downtown until approximately 1981 when, due to building repair issues beyond their control, it became time for Pat and Anita to find a new location.  They purchased land on Kimberly Road in Twin Falls and relocated there.  They reclaimed the wood from the floors of the old O'Leary high school/jr high to make the rink floor in their new building.  The Parrott's and family have continued to own and operate the business since then. The help of many treasured friends and family has contributed to the joy, success, and entertainment of Skateland since 1956.


Anita Parrott, (adult in center) from Times News archive


 If you have photos of your skating memories we would love for you to share them with us.  Possibly you may find yourself or someone you know in one of the archive photos and we would love for you to share that with us, too. 


Our Facility

Our wood floor is competition-sized with ample room for 100-meter race track.   Our floor is maintained with figure-skating training/competition lines.  We have a history of experience with training, performing, and competing in figure skating and dance skating as well as speed skating and hockey.  

We have a large consession area and a large spectator area. 

Feel free to contact us to arrange practice or performance of professional or amatuer figure or speed roller skating.



Cover Image:  Archive photo from when the rink was downtown at the Radio Rendezvous building.  

Notice the autographs on the wall.

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