Special Events Coming Soon

Summer Skating Passes on Sale!

Summer passes are a great way to send the kids skating, June through September. Each pass has 12 punches. Use them for one or more admissions per session, till they are gone–then buy another!

$40 “Day” passes good on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 1-4
and on Wed nights 7-9:30 pm (Regular admission, $4.50)

$60 “Eve” passes good any session,
but are meant for Fri/Sat nights 7-10:30 pm
(Regular admission, $6.50)

Use punches however you want till the pass is used up.  Buy more passes as you desire.  SALES END AUGUST 31.

This allows use during our summer sessions and one month of bonus time to use up all remaining punches.

HOW TO BUY PASSES: Buy passes on site, leave us a phone message on our answering machine, or complete the form below!

How many DAY-time-use 12-punch passes would you like?
How many NIGHT-time-use 12-punch passes would you like?


Annual Event & Special Calendar Items

These are special events held every year. Check our answering machine to confirm and get details.

  • New Year’s Eve Party–starts at 8 pm on Dec. 31
  • Spring Break: Skating daily during the weekdays, 1-4 p.m.
  • Summer Discount Skating Passes on Sale: Begins April 1.
  • Transition to Summer Skating Schedule: June 1 (Weekday open skating begins.)
  • Fall Slack Season Schedule and transition to Fall/Spring/Winter Schedule–Sept to Oct
  • Halloween Costume Party: in October on or near Halloween
  • Thanksgiving Holiday Skating: We open extra sessions daily during weekdays.
  • Christmas Holiday Skating: We open extra sessions daily during weekdays.
  • Throwback Thursday: Event for adults over 21 yrs of age only. Thursday the week after Valentines Day.